Friday, 21 July 2017

Lightning Bugs

Fireflies flicker in the thicket at dusk
Winking in the warm breathless night
Little beacons luring mates or prey
Being neither, I delight in their display

I heard there were more this year
This evening bears that out
Sequins on the lawn 
before the dew settles

A week of calm before 
the Cicadas arrive to crow
The slow decline of summer

And the next turn of the page

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

The Dream Keeper

Bring me all of your dreams, You dreamer,
Bring me all your Heart melodies (2x)

That I may wrap them
In a blue cloud-cloth
Away from the rough hewn fingers
Of the world.

bring me all of your hurts, you hurter
bring me all your festering wounds  (2x)

that I may bind them
in cool white linen
away from the rough hewn fingers
of the world

bring me all of your fears you fearer,
bring me all your darkest nights (2x)

that I may wrap them 
in my bosom
away from the rough hewn fingers
of the world

Bring me all of your dreams, You dreamer,
Bring me all your Heart melodies (2x)

That I may wrap them
In a blue cloud-cloth
Away from the rough hewn fingers

Of the world.

Ami Bmi7(b5) E7

Fma7......E7    Ami

song adapted from Langston Hughes poem.


Chilly fall day
After school

A craving for tea
Not chai
Not coffee
First tea in years
With maple

Sitting in 
The ancestral 
chairs that
I inherited
And my dad
Inherited and
My kids
Will inherit

I think of 
Get Smart

Fifteen two
Fifteen four 
Fifteen six
And a pair
Is eight

One day
my mum


I hope
I never

The Cough

Woke up coughing
Shortness of breath
Felt I was drowning
Felt closer to death

Nothing seemed to work
I was gasping for air
Hard to remain calm
With death hovering so near

I'm breathing easy now
The coughing's settled down
But afraid to close my eyes
In case I really drown

I'm not ready to go just yet
Death knocked at the wrong door
I'm counting all my blessings now

And wishing for many more

Cherry Squares

I made Cherry Squares today
The legendary recipe

I only ate one (to test it of course)
Enough calorific value 
To power a generator
Or keep me awake.

When we were kids
We could honk as many squares
As we could get away with 
Avoiding my mom's wooden spoon 
Flailing at us like some 
Pathetic scarecrow
Doomed to failure.

I thought maybe the smell
Might bring her back
Or maybe the taste
Or the pride in seeing them disappear
Down the gullets of her loved ones.

Make this broken house a home again. 
My mum is gone now, almost two years
And that's just her body. 
She started leaving several years before that.

Her Cherry Squares (the legendary ones)
Aren't the same 
Without her around.
Now I can eat as many as I want,
And I only had one. I only wanted one
A lot less fun. A lot less magic.
A wee bit tragic. No strategy to beat
The sentry. No sentry, free entry

There they sit in the fridge
Waiting to be coveted
Waiting to be fought over
Waiting to be honked
Nobody here to honk them

It said "guard with your life"
On the recipe
Maybe that's why i can't sleep.

My family is all apart now. 
We come together for
Weddings and funerals
And talk on the phone
Less and less often. 
Too busy.

"If you bake Cherry Squares, maybe they will come"
Pan of dreams.

Better stolen.

April 7, 2016.

For The Birds

If it weren't for the sound of morning birds
My waking in the suburbs
Might be just an ordinary day

The birds remind me that I can hear
And I can think and be thankful
For small mercies

Cardinals and robins,
Finch and chickadee
And mystery birds that
Only people in Tilley hats 
And grandmothers can name

No mourning doves
Or mockingbirds today
Nor crows or squawking jay
A lone goose (probably silly)
In search of a V

Time to meet my day
And make the coffee
Lighter on my feet
Because I listened up.


I love the silence
It lets the music shine through
You love my music
It's my gift from me to you
From me to you


I love the peace of knowing
You're here with me
Being her with me
And knowing that we are free

We know our days are numbered
There's no time to waste
We've got to cherish every moment
Savour every taste
Every taste


Some battles can't be fought
Some treasures can't be bought
We've already been taught

What's right and what is not